Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why automate your business?

Why do you need to automate your business?

The answer is very simple: reduce human time which is VERY expensive.
Someone said that silicate (Si) is cheaper than carbon (C) and that is true.

I started this journey - to automate my business - as I had a lot of problem with employees and I'm searching for a solution.

A friend of mine said that if an employee has a personal problem that problem will become yours.

I started by developing a time tracking software for our company needs and it turned out that it worth - a lot. Now I know exactly where time was spent and more important I can detect very easily who is lagging behind with schedules.

I do not start praising our application - I think any time tracking application can be very helpful.

The main idea is that if you have many automated control mechanisms in place you can sleep better - not as a baby but better than without them.

I hope I will be able to add more and more scripts & software to Scriptoid so that anyone that need to automate his business to find a good solution.

Also we will create a repository for developers to reuse codes, snippets, recipes and programs we are using every day and find it useful.

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