Sunday, November 28, 2010

OpenSuse in VirtualBox

I had to install an OpenSuse 11.2 in VirtualBox. Host machine is a Windows 7. I used the Gnome desktop for OpenSuse.
I wanted to have smooth integration: copy/paste, auto resize of the guest, etc.

Things you need to keep in mind.
1. Run VirtualBox->Devices->Install Guest Additions
2. In Suse go to /media/VBOXADDITIONS
and run the script you need. This does not means the vbox additions are up an running
Check this with

/etc/init.d/vboxadd status

3. As the upper command will tell you that that service is not running, you need to run

/etc/init.d/vboxadd setup

4. As that command will also not work it's time to add from Yast:
  • all modules in "Development" package related to kernel
  • and also all related to 'make' (yes C++ tool) tool.

5. Now run again

/etc/init.d/vboxadd setup

6. Now restart machine. It should work.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Interesting books

My 1.2 year old girl has recently made a passion to pull out books from the shelve.

We placed a special shelve with kids book just she will "focus" her destroying efforts toward her books.

But she got bored and she went to my IT books. It was funny as she started to pull out Oreilly books. Why?

Well, I sneak behind her and watched her silently. She went to the shelve, look for a while and put her little finger on the small animal figure each oreilly books has - and then she pulled out the book.

Ok, so that is the reason Oreilly IT books are appealing to kids - they have animal pictures on them :)

My question is, how much of the decision to buy such a book is due to the fact we like those pictures too?